The ‘method’ attribute in form element specifies how to send form-data(the form-data is sent to the page specified in the ‘action’ attribute).

The form-data can be sent as URL variables(with method='get') or as HTTP Post transaction(with method='post').

Notes on GET:

  • Appends form-data into the URL in name-value pairs;
  • The length of a URL is limited(about 3000 characters);
  • Never use GET to send sensitive data cause they will be visible in the URL;
  • Useful for form submissions where a user want to bookmark the result;
  • GET is better than non-secure data, like query string in Google.

Notes on POST:

  • Appends form-data inside the body of HTTP request(both in head-line and body);
  • Has no size limitation;
  • Form submissions with POST cannot be bookmarked.